Saturday, January 21, 2017

Man tries to get sons car impounded by Dubai Police

Dubai Police 
In a strange case handled by the Dubai Police, a father recently reported his son to the traffic department of the Dubai Police, insisting and requesting them to impound his son's vehicle. 
Although no traffic offence was recorded against the son's vehicle, the father said he wanted to discipline his son so that the latter would respect the traffic laws. He said he had seen his son flouting the traffic laws on a number of occasions.

Colonel Jamal Al Banai, deputy director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, said that the father came to the traffic department, accompanied by his son and insisted that the police confiscate the latter's vehicle, stressing his son did not abide by the law. He said that he wanted to teach him a practical lesson.

Col Banai said this was a one-off case, as here the father himself was insisting that his son's car be impounded for a month and a half until he comes to them again to get the vehicle back. The father said that he is keen on the fact that everyone should take action to protect the lives of their children and not allow them to cause any accidents on road that could lead to injuring or killing someone on the road.

Col Banai lauded the man's behavior and said that parents should be checking on irregularities of their children and punish them if they find that they do not abide by the law.He pointed out that 99% of the parents do not have such a law-adhereing outlook.

On the contrary, Colonel Banai said that some young people come with their mothers and at times with their grandmothers on wheelchairs, to get the sympathy of the officials so that they are exempted from the payment of fines. He also said that in some cases the offenders bring children to gain the sympathy of the police to get their fines waived off.

Urging motorists to abide by the law, he said such sympathy-gaining techniques will not work as in the end it is the law that matters the most'.

Source: Khaleej Times

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