Saturday, January 28, 2017

Malcom X's descendants arrested for truck theft and animal cruelty

With less than a month away from the anniversary of  Malcolm X’s death, it has been reported that one of his daughters and granddaughter were busted with a stolen rental truck filled with dogs suffering from “inhumane conditions.
The mother and daughter duo, Malikah Saban Shabazz and Bettih Bahiyah have been arrested by the police after the police received a tip off of a stolen Vermont U-Haul truck parked in a southern Maryland Walmart. .

NBC Washington continues that according to Charles County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, Janelle Love, when police arrived they found seven dogs, some injured,  living in stacked crates. Love had described the conditions that the dogs were in as “inhumane.”

The 51 and 19-year-old were both charged with unlawfully taking a motor vehicle and theft in excess of $10,000. Malikah, who was born seven months before her father was assassinated, was also charged with seven misdemeanor counts of animal abuse or neglect.

Malikah could face up to 20 years in prison and $20,000 in fines with her daughter should they be found guilty. Malikah could also face an extra 90 days and $1,000 for her animal crimes. As of now, the dogs were taken to an animal shelter and both women have posted $2,000 bond each and have been released.

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