Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jose Mourinho rejects BIG Chinese money, for Manchester United

In an interview with GQ, English Premier League (EPL) side Manchester United's coach, Jose Mourinho reveals how he rejected lucrative offers from different Chinese clubs in order to be the Red Devil's coach. 

Mourinho on the other hand refused to criticize  top EPL players who moved to the Chinese side, players like Carlos Tevez, Obafemi Martins, Oscar, Ramires and most recently John Mikel Obi have snubbed European football for high earning sums at China, but Mourinho believes everyone's choice should be respected.

Mourinho told GQ...

“I have already refused a big offer to go to China, but I don’t criticize anyone who decides to do it.
“It’s their choice, their life. Only they can decide what they need for their future. Other managers in the Premier League have been critical, but I am no critic.

“I am worried, because they can offer contracts that are impossible to offer in Europe. But in the end the player who wants to go is a player that maybe you don’t want to keep.
“Imagine the guy who is 24 or 25, and he wants to go? At 24, or 25? OK, goodbye, be happy… The player who is 31 or 32, and they go for a few years and then come back with a bank account full, OK.

“But when they are young and they have a chance to be in the best competitions, and they still decide to go, well maybe it is better that they go.”

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