Monday, January 2, 2017

Around the Coffee Table - 2

Wow, its a bright cold morning after new year. Happy New Year once again.

We are back to the office like we never left. Omg! the New Year celebrations from my side was pretty much awesome.Here is a brief gist on how I celebrated. I ushered in the New Year with a few friends at the magnificent fireworks. I nearly went deaf due to the screams of the thousand of people who had gathered to witness the fireworks. Right before our eyes, 2017 made its triumphant entrance amidst cheers and jubilation.

My friends and I drove straight, minutes later to a house warming party, where there was so much to eat and drink. I still cant believe I finished that big bowl of rum raising bread pudding, guess I will have to put in more work at the gym 😢

Our coffee table discussions today will be pretty much interesting as I can't wait to hear what my colleagues were up to and how they celebrated their New Year's eve and New Year. At the moment I'm in a dilemma on what to type of coffee I should have this morning, either caffe latte or cappuccino.Which type of coffee will you be having as well?

Oh! and did I mention I spent my New Year in Dubai. Yes! Dubai!!!

I strongly believe you did have much exciting moments like we did.

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