Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Morning before 2017

The smell of freshly baked protein bread woke me up this morning. I will be having breakfast shortly, then later get some more sleep which is much needed after the dancing and jumping around last night, all in the name of Karaoke.

The countdown to the New Year is still on however, I have observed that most people are not as enthused about the "New Year, 2017" as they were a year before.

What did 2016 do to you all????😩

Well, you can't be blamed, since this passing year has been tough and quite challenging from various perspectives. Be it economic crisis, social outbursts, pressing family matters, stress, health issues, unexpected deaths, unsuccessful goals, political surprises, among others.

This outgoing year may have humbled and discouraged quite a number of people in the pursuit of our goals and dreams for the year ahead, due to the "storms and rocks it threw at us.

I believe some may have given up already on the pursuit of better things for the coming year, which happens to be just a day away. Be reminded that most of the situations were beyond your control and have you had your way, things would have been much better.

2017 will be better!!! Stay strong as you've always been and believe that you are going to be a "Victor" before 2017 ends.

Happy New year in advance to you all☺

Office Jokes - 2

Hahaahahaaa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Enjoy your day with a little humor.

...and the Zipper Broke!

Claded in a Dorothy Perkins "black scuba zip pencil skirt with a grey spot button shirt alongside my 4 inch nude shoes I left for the office at my usual time 6:55am.

On this specific day my hopes were high on closing some deals and clearing my tight schedules, while attending meetings in between.

I should have been warned. I should have been given a prior alert that the day will not be so good. Better still I should have read my horoscope for the day, although I'm not a big fan of horoscopes.

Well, upon my arrival I decided to check up on my other colleagues who were already in. I met a few of them in the hallway. It was when I stood up to leave my director's office after a brief chit chat on the pending meetings for the day that I realised something was wrong.

My skirt which was tightly closed had opened from the back. I did a quick hand check and realised my zipper had broken. What!! Not in my directors office!!! Not today of all days!!

I sat down immediately and started to laugh in my embarrassed state. I then explained what had happened and diligently asked him to excuse me. Well...he did since he understood the situation

OMG! ! what next? I quickly run out of the office straight to my colleagues office. Unfortunately there was no "bobby pin or needle and thread to save my life.
All this while my two hands were behind me trying to cover the "open outlet" the broken zipper had caused.

It was a fun 10 -12 minutes moment for my colleagues who couldn't help but laugh out loud at  my expense, well I joined them to laugh anyways lol.

I was finally saved by the HR manager who showed up and came to my rescue.
My zipper was later fixed and the days activities continued.

Hmm...your guess is as good as mine, my "broken zipper" was the topic for discussion during lunch breakπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

In the office with your Spouse

Its wasn't until recently that many companies revised their policies and culture to accept and accomodate couples working together.Most companies previously used to disapprove of this trend.
In her article on working successfully with ones spouse, Susan Baroncini MOE shares 6 important  tips on how to balance working with a spouse. Read her article below:

"Working with your spouse … depending on how you look at it, it’s either the greatest thing you could imagine or the worst thing that could ever happen to your relationship. The truth is, how you handle working with your spouse can determine whether it’s a wonderful way to make your marriage stronger or a fast track to divorce.

1. Separate home and work
Your home and work relationship are different animals, and as such, they’ll have different dynamics. You do need to be able to “put on a different hat” when you’re at home and at work, but what’s most important is that whatever happens at home doesn’t carry over to work, and vice versa. If you’re annoyed with your spouse for forgetting to do the dishes or neglecting to pick up his socks, that should have no bearing on what happens at work. Don’t bring your home life to work. Likewise, if she didn’t get the sale or he forgot to return a phone call, that should have no bearing on what’s going on at home. You can’t mix the two.

Of course, this is much easier said than done, but with a little practice, you’ll learn to keep work and home separate.

2. Always be respectful of one another
Keeping work and home separate, however, is made much easier if you are always respectful of one another. This goes for both home and work. This point probably should go without saying, but sadly, it can’t. Always be respectful of your partner at home, and remember your “please” and “thank you.” At work, even if one of you is subordinate to the other, maintain that respect- you’re both doing an honest day’s work and deserve to be treated with courtesy, honor, and kindness. Maintain this standard at both home and work and you’ll find it much easier to get along in both arenas.

3. Find ways to maintain your individuality
Sometimes when couples work too closely, they find it difficult to maintain a sense of identity and individuality. I recently read about a couple that works together and one of the ways they maintain their individuality is by walking to work separately. This gives each of them time alone and some separation from the other. Make sure you get enough alone time, even if it’s just to be alone with your thoughts. Everyone needs a little space.

4. Maintain separate working spaces
One of the best ways to maintain your individuality and get some “space” from each other is to maintain separate working spaces. Although my husband and I work together from home, we have separate offices so that we can have a little space from each other. Sometimes, when we’re working on a project, we’ll set up a joint space, but we still maintain that separation so that we don’t get on each other’s nerves. And occasionally, instead of walking into the other room to talk about a project or communicate about a client, we’ll actually e-mail each other, which maintains that space, minimizes communication breakdowns and confusion, and maintains a paper trail that we use to track projects. If you work from home, get out of the house sometimes! Find a place that offers wifi and space to lay out your things, and one or both of you head out to work for the day. Sometimes my hubby and I work at the library — there’s a coffee shop, free wifi access, tons of resources, and people, and if we get our work done early, we can take a walk around downtown and eat dinner at one of the local cafes.

5. Work in different departments or divisions
If you work too closely, you can step on each other’s toes. To avoid this, make sure it’s clear what each person’s responsibilities are, and make sure you don’t overlap each other. If you both do the same work, you can accomplish a similar system by assigning specific tasks or clients to each person. My husband and I set up two divisions of our company — I handle the business and marketing consulting and he’s in charge of the implementation team that manages our clients’ logos, web sites, copywriting, and virtual office management. It’s a wonderful system that gives each of us our own domain and yet keeps us working together.

6. Marriage comes first
The most important thing to keep in mind, no matter what’s going on in your business, is that your marriage must come first. If you try all of these strategies and working together still isn’t working out for you, then the most important thing is that you protect your marriage. That might mean that one of you has to step out of the business and find another venue for your talents, or if you’re a home-based business, it might mean that one of you procures an inexpensive office space, just so that you get more distance from one another. What’s most important is that you find the solution that preserves your relationship and protects your business. But remember… marriage comes before business! "

Culled from Readers Digest
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Friday, December 30, 2016

Thank God It's Friday "TGIF"

Did someone say "Thank God it's Friday! yay. Ohh wait! you didn't know today is Friday?

Common, it's the weekend to usher in the New Year. The work schedules on Fridays are  usually not as busy and demanding as compared to Mondays and Wednesdays.

Since its the weekend to a new year, with the first day of the month being a holiday, I believe we've all gotten some fun packed agendas and plans rolling in and out already.

Who will be doing the "chacha dance tonight? Salsa? Ohh tango, yea right. But I guess a substantial number of us will be hanging out with friends as well as spending some much needed time with the family this weekend.

Well...I plan to  kick my evening off by sharpening my singing skills with some karaoke. Haa, you may not know, your office maybe my next tour location. Sony music may sign me unto their record label after my 254th try lol

I also plan to be at the magnificent fireworks tomorrow.....let the New Year's countdown begin!!  

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Office Jokes

Employee Mistakes

If a barber makes a mistake, It is a New style

If a driver makes a mistake, It is a New path,

If an engineer makes a mistake, It is a New Venture

If parents makes a mistake, It is a New Generation

If a politician makes a mistake, It is a New Law

If a scientist makes a mistake, It is a New Invention

If a tailor makes a mistake, It is a New Fashion

If a teacher makes a mistake, It is a New Theory

If our boss makes a mistake, It is a New Idea

If an employee makes a mistake, It is a Mistake Only

How to get a Day off from Work

Woman: I can make the boss give me the day off.

Man: And how would you do that?

Woman: "Just wait and see''. She then hangs upside-down from the ceiling.

Boss comes in: What are you doing?

Woman: I'm the light bulb.

Boss: You've been working so much that you've gone crazy. I think you need to take the day off.

The man started to follow her and the boss asks: Where are you going?

Man: I'm going home, too. I can't work in the dark.

The "mighty" Coffee Machine Spout lol

It was awkward, really awkward when my cup of coffee had to be searched for the missing "spout".

Lets rewind to what led to that, lol. So this colleague and I were representing the company at one of the biggest oil and gas conferences in the region. It is one of the high profile conferences that witnesses the top oil and gas executives and stakeholders in the industry.

As occasion demands, there is always a brief networking and breakfast time. After exchanging pleasantries and business cards, I headed to the coffee machine to serve myself a cup of hot steaming coffee.

I forced out my mug which had gotten stuck on the machine after brewing. Maybe the force I was using to pull the coffee mug was equal to a tonardo because lo and behold the spout of the nozzle ended up falling into my coffee. Omg!!! what should I do. I quickly checked around for a solution. Yes the tea spoons, or even tea sticks!! but no, none was in sight at that particular time.

I guess the hotel needs to restructure their service delivery. What next...? I started feeing uncomfortable because anyone could walk to the coffee machine at any time. Dipping my fingers to grab it was was never an option. Lol not when there were high profiled persons in attendance.

It would have been so embarrassing should anyone see me in such act. So, I just pretended nothing had happened and walked away from the coffee machine with the spout still in my coffee. After two sips, there approached two battlers asking me to hand over my cup of coffee. Obviously I had to pretend I didn't know what was happening,

They said since I was the last person to leave the machine before the spout went missing I was then the first "Suspect" hehe. I gently handed my cup to them and they came back later with a new cup of coffee with smiles on their faces..."we found it, it was in your coffee, here's a new cup for you" they said.

I acted all surprised and kept asking how it got in there, then i gently walked away from the scene and sworn never to go near that coffee machine until the conference was over. Thank goodness only 3 out of the 400 executives who were present witnessed the scene.

Have you ever encountered an extremely embarrassing situation in line of your work? share it with us lol

Today's Itinerary

The day is gradually getting busier from this side of the globe. Basically dealing with clients, closing deals, scheduling meetings, brunching in between and subconsciously planning the new year's eve celebration.

Are you meeting your schedules yet? What about those deals? Could it be that you are caught up in a difficult assignment? Well.....just take a deep breathe and sip some fresh coffee.

Once that is done, take a look at the smile(s) on the face(s) of the loved ones in that pretty photo frame you have on your desk, or on your phone. You are going to be fine, your day will end on a very productive note. Just stay positive and keep the focusπŸ‘“

Let us know how your day is going by far?

Mid Week Tales

How is the work atmosphere this morning?
The weather this morning was extremely cold due to the rains that came in yesternight. Nonetheless, the sun is out now beaming its bright rays and I believe it is the perfect time to step out for a cup of coffee.

What is the current weather condition at your location? Did you all struggle to get to work?
Share your experiences with the weather this morning.

Photo credit: Central Assembly , American Geographical Union.  

The Year in Review

Wow! the year 2016 has indeed been moving on  an "Achilles heels". How fast the year ended. January 1, 2016 came with a lot of expectations, resolutions among other vital plans we wanted to be pursue.

Recounting it all, I may say the year has been really great as well as the most challenging ever. As part of my 2016 plans, finding a new job was among the topmost on the priority list, moving into a new apartment, strengthening the relationship I have with colleagues at work, family and friends among others, buying a new car, and staying healthy.

Here is December 31,2016 and I ask myself did I achieve all the aforementioned? Mmhh well, not all, but definitely being alive and healthy, yes! I also got the new job, my friends and family are all in good shape.

As a corporate professional for the coming year 2017, I would like to challenge myself to new heights in my field, as well as contribute effectively to the growth of my company.

I look forward to a great 2017 with you all. 

Around the Coffee Table

It has become a tradition for most of us to grab our favorite cup of coffee, the Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, among others every weekday before work starts. Whilst we sip on the freshly brewed coffee, we turn to exchange few ideas, discuss trending topics both locally and across the globe.

Our coffee table meeting discussion today was much delightful. We started a discussions on how the Christmas break was much needed and how we cant wait for January 1, 2017 which is another holiday. We also talked about economic situations, as well as technological advancements: with a focus on robotics, which is taking over the workforce today.

The invasion of robots at work places especially in large manufacturing companies has aided in high production rates, limited errors and inefficiencies among many benefits. Inspite of these great benefits, we came to a conclusion that, the rate of employees loosing their jobs in this industry to their "electronic counterparts" is on the rise and quiet alarming.

Feel free to share the various topics that came up around your coffee tables, and lets join in the discourse.

What brand of coffee are you having today? and what issues will be trending around your coffee tables?

Let us know...

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Let's hear your tales

Remember that joke you've always wanted to share, the stories, that pleasant and not so plesant encounter? Well....your colleagues from other sides of the globe would like to share in those times with you.

Here is a platform for you to share the tales around you, with your physical and virtual colleagues across the globe.

From the coffee table talks, meeting deadlines, stress, lunch breaks, fun times, the jokes, after work brouhahas and many more you could think of.

Send them to

Let us catch up on the fun and not so fun times with you at work.

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After Work

Singing...."Now the day is over night is drawing nigh, shadows of the evening steal across the sky.

How are your evenings like after work each day? I usually head straight home to catch up on some sleep, I later wake up around 10pm then plan the day ahead and later watch some movies. Its quite a daily routine until Friday...where I let my hair down and party like there is no tomorrow.

Are you caught up with work? Or you're stuck in traffic? What do you usually do after work? Meet up with friends? 

Well, engage with us in the comments section below on what ever you've been up to at this hour and let's keep you company

The New Shoe Syndrome - Lol

The feeling of wearing new shoes to work for me, is synonymous to being served the best part of the seasoned grilled turkey on thanksgiving day. It feels gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddd!!!!

Secret Santa!

Let's cut the pretense, you didn't like the present you received!! Did you? Lol

Once again, its that time of the year when we have to exchange gifts.

Prior to the day of the gifts exchange, I had to run through the mall searching for that perfect present. All the stores I run through didn't seem to have that one thing that could catch my "big eyes".wheewww! !who even instituted 'Office Secret Santa'! Shoes was number one on the list, followed by clutch then a dress since my Secret Santa was a lady.

Finally, I went for a nice purple clutch, wait! what if she doesn't like the color.....😩 The day finally approached, amidst eating, drinking and making merry the presents were handed out to their respective owners mixed with feelings of suspense and curiosity. Who is getting what, and from who.

Colleagues! Colleagues! ! Colleagues! ! ! how many times did I call you all, guess what i received upon all the running through the mall to get the best gift, lol. I you want to know hehe

OK, I received a nice bracelet with an inscription of my name, how cool is that. The worst present however was the pack of crackers(yes, wheat crackers!) that a colleague received another also received tights.

Tell us, did you like your present???